Why is Filmmaking Considered a True Art Form?

  Cinema is a true art form in many ways. Although its primary purpose is entertainment, it can also influence the way people think and behave. Movies provide employment to millions around the world. The field of video games, which are often regarded as an art form in their own right, incorporates many forms of … Read more

How to Discover a Story’s Theme

  A story’s theme can vary, but most themes are universal in nature. It could be the concept of love, or a specific idea like humankind and technology. Themes can also be very specific, such as a boy who is drafted into the army, who returns home to find his beloved married to another man. … Read more

What Makes a Good Story?

  A good story has several components. The core elements of a story are the Character, Setting, Conflict, Dialogue, and the Conclusion. These elements must be well balanced to create a satisfying ending. The ending should affect the hero’s emotions and leave the reader with hope and aspiration. This is not always possible. If you … Read more

The 8 Elements of Film

  Cinematography is the art of writing in motion, and it is one of the main elements of a film. For instance, one film example of cinematography is the Party scene, where the close-ups are claustrophobic and create the feeling of suffocation. Another example is the Bus scene, which uses a long take to highlight … Read more

How Do You Introduce a Film?

  When introducing a film, the first scene must surprise the audience. It can be a gorgeous landscape, ominous music, or even something utterly absurd. If you have a limited time, make sure to use this first scene to get your audience’s attention. Then, proceed to a scene description and shot sequence. Once the audience … Read more

How Do You Know If a Movie is Good?

  How do you know if a movie’s VFX budget is justified? The story is interesting and the actors are believable. There is a specific element to every good movie. It’s a little different with a generic movie. The VFX budget is an important part of any movie, but there is only one factor that … Read more